Issue 38

Editor’s note

In the times of Brexit, not just the EU and Britain, but the entire world and its migrants are being impacted by Britain’s myopic, insular and divisive policy. Gallerie’s 38th issue, simmering for the last few months has come to a sizzle with Brexit. As we go to press, it is rather late to contextualise this historic chapter but then, our discourse clearly articulates the perils of territorial chauvinism, empires, nations, boundaries and migration laws; all of these exacerbating xenophobia, jingoism and savagery.

A quick look at what has been recorded of Homo sapiens originated around 200,000 years ago, as fossils found at Omo Kibish in Ethiopia, verify that we have migrated through many moons and seasons, through wars, destruction, rehabilitation, and reinvention.

Such cruel irony then, that a civilisation having evolved from the earliest migrants in Africa, some 60,000 years ago, have “black”-listed their progenitors in our race-ridden world.

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