Editor’s note

It takes a while to learn and experience the strength and joy in engaging with transformational ideas; ideas that are seeded from conviction and a belief guided by a larger truth. Such work, even if incubating in the quietude of one’s thoughts, soon emerge as a fragrant mulled wine to be shared and savoured; or as a powerful voice that can resonate and touch people’s lives, often into leaping out of comfort zones into a collective cause.
These are voices that need to be heard. Gut-level, dissenting voices that speak for the people, for their awareness of and upliftment from the flagrant violence and injustices on human rights. These are voices from diverse corners of the world; from people practicing a diversity of disciplines that are passionate compulsions in their lives.

Issue 43 - Vol. 21 No.2, Unpacking Voices

In this issue

  • A Journey With Thai Art
    Early Thai art emerged around the mid-13th century, during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods.
  • First Rain
    The first rains in May Stream down, red Steel rains, violent Bodies-piercing, blood-flowing Like water, flooding the streets A rank stream of blood. How many...
  • Footprints of Thai Cinema
    While musicals are popular across Thailand, the most recent trend in Thai cinema has been the production of independent...
  • Khon. Dance of an Epic
    The Royal Khon performance was initiated in 2007 on the command of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit to preserve...