Issue 39

Editor’s note

With immense pleasure, I share with you HOPE and PEACE, this milestone 20th anniversary double issue of Gallerie. In 2017, we complete the 40th orbit of our arts and ideas journal that since its initiation in 1997, has been nourished and nurtured by some of the most stead-fast well-wishers through its journey; those who have stood by in solidarity with Gallerie, its readers, contributors and sponsors… and those who have travelled with us on this exciting journey of learning and sharing. We are profoundly appreciative of your belief in us. Through the two decades, each issue has been a curatorial exercise that has enriched our global readers and us.

In the HOPE volume, being positive in the escalation of disquieting times is not to white-wash the blood stains of our Kafkaesque existence, but to question and seek the antecedent for the prevailing anarchy… being positive is an act of not offering our lives to the whims of faith and fate, but in nailing our apathy in resisting the authors of our contemporary Inferno.

Why do we hope? So we may not despair… To hope is to know that in the night there are stars. We have to look for them. We have to work towards sighting them. We have to challenge ourselves to challenge the dark and “know” that we can be bearers of light, without having to wait for that magical radiance.

In this issue

  • In idealism is hope by salima hashmi
    Salima Hashmi’s life as an artist, art educator and curator is permeated with expectations, with hope… of initiating niches...
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  • The power of theatre by shanta gokhale
    Theatre, more than any other performing art, presents risks both to performers and their audiences. To performers, when they...
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  • Dance across boundaries by astad deboo
    I’ve been dancing now for 48 years, professionally, that is... The rhythm has ranged from the frenetic movement of...
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  • Songs of the resistance by aliza hava
    Aliza Hava’s ancestors migrated from Hungary and Poland. While many were killed during WWII, some could escape to Israel...
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  • Kashmir: there’s a glimmer and it spells hope by amit mehra
    “Despite bone-chilling experiences, debacles and tragedies, it is hope and only hope that is the key to survival for...
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  • When i grow chris de bode
    “My hope for this project and the future is that we rethink our place in the world. That, for...
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  • Flight of fantasy by jorge barreda
    “If we try with genuine effort, we can win any battle against all odds. It is time we forget...
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  • Morality and censorship by zunar
    Censorship has been an ongoing issue in Malaysia, where one of the world’s strictest forms of media censorship is...
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  • Nationalism: the last refuge of scoundrels* by gurmehar kaur
    In this entire debate of who is a nationalist and who is not, we have forgotten Humanism. We have...
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  • That thin golden nancy adajania
    “Aji dhaner khete roudra chhayay lukochurir khela re bhai Lukochurir khela Neel aakashe ke bhashale sada megher bhela re bhai Lukochurir...
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  • The bell of independence by lee kuei-shien
    In Philadelphia thirty years ago when I saw a bronze bell cracked I hoped to hear again a loud, free bell ringing...
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  • The waste we create comes back to haunt us by marine debris
    Sydney based artist Marina DeBris began picking up trash along beaches over 15 years ago. Her mission began when...
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  • We are dalit: stories from the margins text & photos: marcus perkins
    “Caste is not a physical object like a wall of bricks or a line of barbed wire which prevents...
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  • Adrian piper The meeting of art and ethics
    Adrian Piper is a first-generation Conceptual artist who started exhibiting her artwork...
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  • Kathy eldon The story isn’t over... The resurrection of dan eldon, soldier of somalia’s people
    Kathy Eldon is the co-founder of Creative Visions with her daughter Amy Eldon...
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  • Leena kejriwal & ruchira gupta in conversation
    Ruchira Gupta , has campaigned for over 30 years to demand a world in which no...
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    Filmmaker Vibha Bakshi questions if Indian society has changed after the 2012 events. Although an Anti-Rape Law was passed...
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  • Hope is just a 4-letter word by Monojit Lahiri
    The author wonders if hope-in-cinema is an endangered species, an obsolete, out-of-favour subject, ignored, shelved, abandoned and considered out-of-sync...
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