Issue 40

Editor’s note


have we met?
do I know you?

are you
the proverbial lull
before the storm?

are you the virgin
before… the rape?
before the scream?

are you a bird song
on a tranquil morning singing softly
before you transmute
into a screeching hawk?

are you the rationale
of dialectics
before strident speeches
of fascists, bigots
and unreason
tear our sanity apart?

In this issue

  • The consolations of joinery
    Kintsugi is a form of joinery, a word redolent of the arts of cabinet-making and carpentry. It takes us...
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  • Dance into living peace
    Manjari Chaturvedi’s dance form of Sufi Kathak is a pioneering work in the field of arts, having created a...
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  • Music of the spheres The sound of peace from bhutan
    For those wishing to understand what gives rise to modern Bhutan’s most enlightened impulses and practices, there is no...
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  • Seeking serenity with sebastião salgado
    Salgado never studied photography or art. With a PhD in ecomomics, he was once travelling for the International Coffee...
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  • Witness. A broken peace - sanjay kak
    ‘Witness’ presents 200 photographs by nine photographers. The book, curated by documentary filmmaker Sanjay Kak is meant to offer...
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  • The real and the unreal - leyla emektar
    “Peace can be found within us and in our immediate environment. I believe it starts with loving your family,...
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  • Looking for peace?
    Erase the divides of Nation, Creed, Race and Caste. There will be no wars then, no brutal deaths of...
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  • A fugitive called peace by chintan girish modi
    People ask me what Kashmir was like in the five days that I spent there. They look relieved that...
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  • Stronger than blood by alan britt
    Peace & hope, peace & love percolate like morning coffee. Peace & love run through our veins as surely...
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  • Combing operations by anjali purohit
    Matters little if it is a moment or an eternity that separates one time from another —– having broken...
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  • Resolution for peace between two torn nations by beena sarwar
    Self-righteous hyper-nationalists are those who use religion as a justification for their abuses. They are legitimised by top politicians...
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  • “Detachment is not that you should own nothing; It’s that nothing should own you.” —– Rumi
    “Detachment is not that you should own nothing; It’s that nothing should own you.” —– Rumi
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  • Lily Wangchuk
    “Nations will truly prosper only when there is equality, social justice and no disparity between rich and poor and...
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  • Jonathan Kis-Lev
    Kis-Lev believes in the power of education and the arts in promoting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. In an...
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  • Manto and I
    Saadat Hasan Manto , is celebrated as one of the greatest South Asian short story writers. In his brief...
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