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Celebrating 50 years of the UAE

It is with immense pleasure that we are celebrating the 50th year of UAE’s formation.  A region that has risen from the sands of time.

Once upon a time, some two centuries ago, a vast desert in the Arabian Peninsula was where the nomadic Bedouin walked… miles and miles, seeking sustenance.

Camels, horses and donkeys provided transport and trade, while sheep and goat were raised for food, milk and clothing. Today, what’s left of the Bedouin are those who have moved up in life, even as they are loyal to their kin, their Arabic dialects, and their traditions; even if they are driving SUVs and watching television powered by car batteries in remote regions. Today, the goatherds use ATMs and of course, the magic of the mobile phone has transcended isolation.

Once oil was discovered in the 50s, and the first offshore oil platform created close to Das Island, Abu Dhabi… there was no looking back. The region took a seismic leap into the future, steered by the leadership of the “Father of the Nation” Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan [1918-2004], who ensured the first shipment of oil in 1966. In fact, in the same year, Sheikh Zayed was made ruler of Abu Dhabi in honour of his vision and expertise in motivating people, projects and ideas.

May they live on through our forests, mountains and rivers.

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