Gallerie’s 50th issue, Imagine! This swift flight of 25 immersive years has left me in euphoric disbelief. It seems like just yesterday when in 1997, a light had flashed before my eyes… when a luminous idea nudged me to trek through a wondrous journey… of celebrating the magic of words and images that would lure readers into sharing my voyage through the planet of art,  galaxies of cultural sensibilities and the universe of ideas. As a student in the 60s, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and the Beatles were my hope for a world of reason. And through reflections in Gallerie, I hoped to contextualise concerns for unity in diversity, a bonding of our global village, for peace in the world.

Within a few months of seeding the idea, of perusing daunting logistics, of navigating practicalities… most significantly, seeking to create an architecture of excellence in editorial and production values, a sapling emerged… Gallerie… a gallery to view the world from.

In this issue