Issue 41

Editor’s note

In twenty years of Gallerie, we have reaffirmed with every issue that cultural diversity is to be appreciated and respected. We have explored regions in the world as diverse as Kashmir and New York, Afghanistan and Great Britain, Palestine and France, Burma and Central Asia, amongst many others. What we have learned and shared with our readers is the rich heritage of each country, the cultural uniqueness of its people and their innate desire for an equitable and peaceful world. Most humans yearn for peace of mind besides the instincts for survival, but there are those who lust for more.

This lusting for more is our bane. More land, more wealth, more power has lead to more violence, more wars, more misery and a world besieged with more regression and decadence.

Resistance is the only positive direction to be taken in this era of unabated violence and destruction. Resist and overpower in peace and with love. The planet today is a cauldron of xenophobic paranoia. While this phobia serves the strategies of powers to exult on their thrones, it has reduced the “subjects” to robotic compulsions that George Orwell had prophesised in his forever masterpiece, ‘1984’. The fictitious Ministry of Truth where Orwell’s protagonist Winston worked, was in fact, the Ministry of Lies which is our reality today; our current architects of the Ministry of Lies, in the diseased regions of the world, have crafted walls and boundaries with their bricks of hate; these are cemented with promises of bounty to those who will swear allegiance to their “evil brotherhood”.

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