Issue 41

Editor’s note

In twenty years of Gallerie, we have reaffirmed with every issue that cultural diversity is to be appreciated and respected. We have explored regions in the world as diverse as Kashmir and New York, Afghanistan and Great Britain, Palestine and France, Burma and Central Asia, amongst many others. What we have learned and shared with our readers is the rich heritage of each country, the cultural uniqueness of its people and their innate desire for an equitable and peaceful world. Most humans yearn for peace of mind besides the instincts for survival, but there are those who lust for more.

This lusting for more is our bane. More land, more wealth, more power has lead to more violence, more wars, more misery and a world besieged with more regression and decadence.

Resistance is the only positive direction to be taken in this era of unabated violence and destruction. Resist and overpower in peace and with love. The planet today is a cauldron of xenophobic paranoia. While this phobia serves the strategies of powers to exult on their thrones, it has reduced the “subjects” to robotic compulsions that George Orwell had prophesised in his forever masterpiece, ‘1984’. The fictitious Ministry of Truth where Orwell’s protagonist Winston worked, was in fact, the Ministry of Lies which is our reality today; our current architects of the Ministry of Lies, in the diseased regions of the world, have crafted walls and boundaries with their bricks of hate; these are cemented with promises of bounty to those who will swear allegiance to their “evil brotherhood”.

In this issue

  • The Art of Resistance
    The Art of Resistance
    One of the most well known quotes of Michel Foucault claims, “Where there is power, there is resistance.” If...
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  • Desh 116 Med Res by Richard Haughton
    Dance with Akram
    Internationally renowned dancer-choreographer Akram Khan probably danced out of his mother’s womb, in tune to the rhythm...
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  • Anja2
    Anja Niedringhaus: Profile in Courage
    Anja Niedringhaus was a German photojournalist who excelled in her work for the Associated Press ; the only...
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  • Frames of Resistance
    Frames of Resistance: The Criticality of REAL Narratives
    N. Padmakumar AKA Paddy quit a career in advertising as National Creative Director of Rediffusion Y&R in...
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  • Vladimir Putin
    Posters of protest
    My political work is an ongoing response to the current phase we are in. Interested...
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  • Artists speak out
    There is a long and honourable history of art as protest in the United States. It is a tradition...
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  • Mai Khoi-Song of the Rebel
    Mai Khoi, an 80s child has grown not only to be known as the Lady Gaga of Vietnam, but...
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  • When paradise is lost
    Kashmir, once known as paradise on earth for its idyllic landscape and gentle people became hell on earth because...
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  • Necessary Voices
    To deconstruct protest theatre in its many forms is a formidable task, especially in a world fraught with turmoil...
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  • Heidi levine: living with war
    Heidi Levine is the inaugural winner of the Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award.
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  • Rohit chawla from another lens
    I voice statements to accompany pictures because otherwise they risk getting lost in today’s surfeit of visual imagery. The...
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  • Dalits. The damned...but not defeated
    In the Oxford Dictionary, the word “Dalit” is described via Sanskrit and Hindi as the lowest caste in the...
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  • Songs from the sands of time.
    Despite a United Nations peacekeeping mission and years of peace talks, Mali in West Africa remains beset by unrest...
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  • There lives a warrior called ai weiwei
    Ai Weiwei , a socio-politically conscious artist-activist from China, became a folk hero worldwide, having risked his life and...
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  • The book of life for Martyrs of Reason for all soldiers of peace in the world
    one bullet? two, three, four bullets? they claimed her one or four. they claimed her with hate. shot her into a forever eclipse.
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  • Angela davis marches on...
    A writer, scholar, teacher and Civil Rights activist/organiser, Angela Davis has been witness to the historical struggles in...
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  • A caravan of love
    Many countries in the world are witnessing the rise of authoritarian and chauvinistic political parties, which legitimise hatred against...
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  • Feminist resistance
    Feminism has given us the language to understand both, our oppression and privilege.
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  • Rent a Rebel
    You can rent me | For 300 rupees an hour| As your stand-in at protests | That you can’t...
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  • Poetry
    Most treacherous is not the robbery of hard earned wages Most horrible is not torture by the police. Most dangerous is not...
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