Editor’s note

The essence of Thailand’s people clearly resonate in the Wild Boars —— twelve boys and their young soccer assistant coach, Ekkapol [Ake] Chantawong, a former monk, who were all trapped in the perilous Tham Luang caves in the Chiang Rai region of Thailand. Their stoic forbearance, immense strength and resilience are indeed, to be saluted and respected. Rescued after over two weeks of uncertain and tortuous days by a selfless team of brave divers, the feat was the “making possible” of a mission impossible. It reaffirmed faith in humankind.

In this issue

  • A Journey With Thai Art
    Early Thai art emerged around the mid-13th century, during the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods.
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  • The Necessity of Design
    An unconventional conceptual approach has led Tithi Kutchamuch to design in a way that it crosses boundaries between decorative...
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  • Possible Perspectives
    One of Thailand’s leading architects, Duangrit Bunnag calls himself the very politically incorrect architect.
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  • Khon. Dance of an Epic
    The Royal Khon performance was initiated in 2007 on the command of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit to preserve...
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  • Living History. Then and Now
    Thailand’s leading photographer, filmmaker, artist, curator and activist Manit Sriwanichpoom’s mantra is to be idealistic, romantic and rebellious. He...
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  • First Rain
    The first rains in May Stream down, red Steel rains, violent Bodies-piercing, blood-flowing Like water, flooding the streets A rank stream of blood. How many...
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  • Footprints of Thai Cinema
    While musicals are popular across Thailand, the most recent trend in Thai cinema has been the production of independent...
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  • Wild Times....
    John Spies, an Australian adventure-seeking-photographer settled down in the hills of Mae Hong Son province, Thailand, since over four...
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  • Life As An Opera In Two Parts
    A man who can roller-coaster through a dozen countries in almost as many days and then let time stand...
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